Quick 3 Day Holiday Cleanse!

I love Thanksgiving, the smells and colors of fall are intoxication to me.¬† It rings of comforting nostalgia, the crisp air, apple cider and cinnamon, can you smell it? I can close my eyes and think back to being 8 years old in moms kitchen and the aroma of pumpkin pie and sweet potato souffl√©… Continue reading Quick 3 Day Holiday Cleanse!

Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Listen Closely

If you do not think diabetes can be reversed, I am here to tell you from personal experience it can be. I know many people that have reversed their diabetes totally. I was once diabetic and I am no longer! America has more diabetics than any other nation in the world by percentage. It has… Continue reading Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Listen Closely