Aging Faster Than You Wish, Slow it Down

I don't want to age any faster than necessary and I am sure you don't want to either. There is where the NutriBullet can make your health really benefit!   Did you know you have a profound affect on how quickly your body ages?  Every morning looking in the mirror can tell us how we… Continue reading Aging Faster Than You Wish, Slow it Down

Have a Healthy Happy Valentine Heart!

It’s Valentines Day so lets talk about heart health! The heart is an amazing organ that works non-stop every second of your life.  Without its complete function you will not live. Disease and illness of the heart and other related illnesses can cause compromised heart function allowing you to live however not the kind of… Continue reading Have a Healthy Happy Valentine Heart!

Enzymes, the Catalyst of Life

Enzymes are a type of protein and act as catalysts that promote chemical actions at the cellular level. There are two major actions in the body in which things are made and another in which things are broken down. These too systems are called the catabolic (tears down) and the anabolic system (builds). Enzymes are… Continue reading Enzymes, the Catalyst of Life