Cinnamon, A Healthy Super Spice!

Let’s take a look at some of the properties of cinnamon, one of my favorite spices! I love the flavor and smell.  As I am writing this for you I am sipping on a cup of hot chocolate infused with ½ teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon and raw honey.  Yum!! Cinnamon can be used in sweet… Continue reading Cinnamon, A Healthy Super Spice!

Should You Count Calories, Yes or No?

Maybe, maybe not! There are differing opinions on the subject and truthfully there is no wrong or right answer.  The answer is subject to what works best for the person needing or wanting to lose weight. I will say this however; it is very hard to become overweight or obese if 80% to 90% of… Continue reading Should You Count Calories, Yes or No?

Chocolate and It’s Healthy Delecious Goodness!

  Chocolate comes in many forms and truthfully I am a chocoholic. I eat dark chocolate and raw cocoa powder several times per day. The taste is awesome and the benefits are huge. Raw cocoa added to your NutriBullet can supercharge your body in many ways. Be creative with it. Warning- not all chocolates are… Continue reading Chocolate and It’s Healthy Delecious Goodness!

Fruits, Can We Eat Too Many?

I love fruits and know they can be incredibly healthy. They are rich of antioxidants, vitamins (except B12 and Vitamin D) and minerals. In addition they contain very healthy and important phytonutrients like antioxidants, malic acid in apples and coumarins in citrus fruits. Fruits help prevent aging, and may help prevent many different illnesses and… Continue reading Fruits, Can We Eat Too Many?