Mother Natures Super Red, Super Beets

I love beets and beets are super nutritious and come in different types. The most popular are red and gold. Beets offer many vitamins and minerals and have powerful antioxidant properties. Even though they have a lot of sugar, if you eat the beet in its natural form with the fiber still attached it has… Continue reading Mother Natures Super Red, Super Beets

Frustrated With Weight Loss?

Let's face the truth! Most people make losing weight much too complicated. It doesn't need to be. Listed below are the pitfalls most people make when trying to lose weight. Doing anything temporally will give you temporary results! You have to get this, a diet is temporary. Change your diet gradually- Many people jump right… Continue reading Frustrated With Weight Loss?

Sugar! the Poison We Can’t Resist!

I am not sure why we Americans don't see it. Sugar is the biggest threat to our health but we keep consuming it is excessive amounts. Plus, food manufacturers love it because it makes you eat more and more and more of their sugary foods.  We American's simply can't resist it! Doctors love it because… Continue reading Sugar! the Poison We Can’t Resist!

Magnesium the Wonder Mineral!

I commonly hear fellow athletes or my clients complain of muscle cramping, muscle fatigue and a lack of good sleep. They seldom think they could be deficient in magnesium. However, odds say it may be!  They up their magnesium and issues are solved in many cases. Magnesium is a macro-nutrient, which means we need more… Continue reading Magnesium the Wonder Mineral!