Never, Every Give Up. The Untold Story

If you are sitting at home feeling helpless and defeated because you are suffering from some condition you think you can’t overcome or learn to live with, please read this story. Obviously, some conditions can’t be changed but you can learn to live with them, and to have a vibrant life with them. You are… Continue reading Never, Every Give Up. The Untold Story

The Most Unlikely of Sweeteners, It’s Not Honey!!

We all know the perils of sugar. We have discussed the negative health effects of excessive sugar intake, more times than I remember, and we will continue to hammer that message home. Although sugar is necessary for life and can come from healthy sources, when it comes from the wrong source or is in excess,… Continue reading The Most Unlikely of Sweeteners, It’s Not Honey!!

Do You Know the Alligator Pear?

Wally, wait Avocado's are high in fat and calories and fat and calories, well makes us fat. Non-sense, fat does not make us fat! If you have been following me for very long you know that sugar is what makes us fat. We need fat in our diet but we want to consume heart healthy fats like those in an avocado. Fat is essential for the absorption of many nutrients, it is satisfying and filling. Avocado's have mostly monounsaturated fats which are the very heart healthy type of fat. Up to 50% of our calories could come from healthy fats and we would be healthier overall.