Cancer Sucks, Let’s Prevent It!!

This article about cancer is not opinion or editorial, its facts. There are many studies from highly respected Universities and Health Organizations that this information is available from. I have listed many of the studies in this document so you can fact check for yourself if you wish. Let me say to everyone of you… Continue reading Cancer Sucks, Let’s Prevent It!!

What Can a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet Do for You?

Has your health been going down instead of up? Do you want to change it? Hopefully you want better health with a higher quality of life.  I see people everyday that want better health but just are not willing to make the change.  Having better health is not difficult it. It requires you to make… Continue reading What Can a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet Do for You?

Vegetables, Fresh or Frozen?

Fresh vs. Frozen As we get into spring and summer, we know a bounty of scrumptious and nutritious fresh vegetables and fruits will soon be available to tantalize our taste buds. Many times I get asked “which is better, fresh or frozen”? That’s not a simple question. Many variables affect the nutritional values in a… Continue reading Vegetables, Fresh or Frozen?